Is your son’s baseball team in need of funds for new uniforms and sports equipment that will help them improve their game? Then, you need to look at fundraising ideas for little sports teams that will help you and your son’s team build funds to meet their needs. In this article, we will be discussing some of the easiest but most profitable ideas for fundraisers that you should always consider doing whenever you are in need of money for a sports team.

When you choose fundraising ideas, one of the fire fundraiser important things that you need to put emphasis on would be the first three letters of the word fundraising. Yes, those first three letters spell out fun. This is a factor that needs to be present to some degree in every fundraising program or event. When you carry out fundraisers, you’re going to work with volunteers who will be offering their energy and skills for free. Based on this mere fact, you need to make sure that their experience will be worthwhile so that they’ll be interested to help you out. Fun is an important factor to have especially if you’re going to work with small kids. They easily get pumped up or excited once they get to know that they’re going to partake in something fun and interesting.

Candy sales are first on the list of ideas that would be good for you to try out. This idea may not sound new but you can always add a twist to it that will help you double or better yet, triple your profit. One of the best twists that you can add to the candy sales mix is a compelling sales script. This can be as short as two sentences but this will really be of great help to you and your volunteers when it comes to profit generation. When you formulate a sales script, “because” and “help” are two vital words that you need to include. These words are very powerful and they have been proven to increase sales in various sales campaigns. Because of this, they are now referred to as “trigger words”. A good sample sales script goes something like this:

“Good morning sir/ma’am. I’m Lucky Yap and me and my team are in need of funds so that we can buy new sports uniforms and equipment. Can you lend us a helping hand by buying some of our candies because the old stuff that we have are already worn out”.

Next to candy sales are fundraising discount cards. These items usually offer two-for-one deals at different fast food chains such as pizza parlors and restaurants. They typically cost $2 each when bought in large batches and $10 when purchased in retail. Discount cards offer great profit margins as compared to candy sales not only because of their value but also because of the larger amount of interest that they can get from people. The key selling point that you need to take advantage of when you’re offering discount cards is that people get the chance to have their money back the very first time they use these cards.


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